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Your skills, knowledge and personality have lead me from a practice to a discipline. Your site is exactly what i needed to take the steps needed to improve all aspects of my life. Now i am on my mat more days than not. I am more confident of myself. More loving, kind fiercer .:). When all put into a nutshell you have improved my quality of life.

Aprille does a wonderful job of helping you improve as a student while making you feel great about your practice. 
She offers many different options for poses.   She has helped take my practice to a whole new level (and I've been 
practicing for 10 years)! Aprille is positive, helpful and truly cares about all her students. I love that she is always  offering additional information and additional classes to help broaden our understanding of yoga and meditation. 
I have learned so much from her already, and am looking forward to studying with her for years to come.      
​                      Jana

Before finding Aprille's classes, I had 18 years of yoga practicing experience. My own brother is a master, yet I never studied with him. It's true, we come to our own realization when we are meant to.  I have had many wonderful teachers yet what sets Aprille apart is that she recognizes what our spirits, bodies and very souls need. I was thrilled beyond words when I found out qi gong and meridian info is a part of her practice.  It was an awakening for me as I incorporate these modalities into my life each day.  I am humbled by her gentleness and her way of reaching her students. Guess you could say I have been born again into the yoga community. I look forward to classes each day with a renewal of faith in mind, body and spirit. 
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